In the Packing shed


Onion Grading Line


Visual Inspection

Inside Our Onions Wholesale Packing Shed

The Rowett Onions state-of-the-art packing facility enables us to pack between 10 and 15 tonnes of perfect, premium grade onions per hour to travel straight to you.
We pack all year round to ensure that your wholesale business needs are met. We can provide tailored solutions for your requirements. We know that one size does NOT fit all and we pride ourselves on being able to meet your individual expectations. This involves the use of grading and sizing technology techniques in our packing line process.

Preparing Onions for Wholesale

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes.
• Onions are passed over a feed line to ensure they are clean.
• A top-and-tail process is applied via mechanical brushes, cutters and rollers adjusted to onion size and dependant on customer preference.
• Manual inspections (we like to keep things traditional) are undertaken to ensure only onions of the highest market quality are sent to you.
• Packing technology is employed but still keeps your individual business needs at heart. You can select from 1, 1.5 or 2kg net bags, 10 or 15kg cartons and 10 or 20kg poly mesh bags. These sizings then move up to 1 tonne bulk bags.

Vegetables Wholesale Should Mean Quality

Picking, selecting and packing in high volume for our brands shouldn’t mean a dip in quality. Be it a 1kg bag or a 1 tonne order, you’ll still receive the same high quality attention to detail and individual service. It’s just how our family works.

How can our family support yours? Contact us to specify your requirements for onions wholesale.