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Field Inspection

On The Farm With Rowett Onions – Wholesale In Action

It’s important to us to know that the onions we lovingly grow, pick and pack will reach our wholesale suppliers in the highest possible quality. It’s reflective of our values of trust and integrity. Our business is our lifeblood and we stand behind our processes as being amongst the most ethical in Australia.

How Do We Grow Our Onions?

We grow various varieties of Red and Brown Onions across 128 hectares throughout the year. These are grown under centre pivot irrigation.
Our sowing process begins in mid-June and ends in early September. This painstaking process guarantees a variety in onion maturity as well as ensures a year-round supply as early onions are grown for six months prior to harvesting.
This complex process also means our capacity to store onions long-term is enhanced. Regardless of month, you’re guaranteed the same high quality premium product.

What Technology is Involved?

• We use controlled ambient air for onion storage
• We apply advanced GPS technology to maximise precise application
• We engage in watering utilisation monitoring
• We employ irrigation scheduling and automated irrigation depending on product specifications
• We have an advanced machinery policy that guarantees the maintenance of efficiency
• Our beautiful, virgin horticulture land is supplied with high quality water which allows us to continue the sustainable agricultural processes that mean so much to our family
• Quality prop production is maximised via modern, advanced agronomy techniques
We make the premium onions that go on to become the heroes of meals across Australia. From our family to yours – this is how we do business.

Looking for onions wholesale? We’d love to be your supplier. Contact us to find out more.